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Scoop, by Woody Allen (2006)

Posted by dlandgren on 2009-07-07

Looking for clues

Looking for clues

Finally managed to see Scoop a while back. A good film, in many ways a revisiting of Manhattan Murder Mystery.

The real let-down was the feeble third character in the film, the English aristocrat played by Hugh Jackman. I don’t know whether this is because he’s just a really bad actor who happens to have a clean jaw, or that Woody was too enamoured with Miss Johansson and just wanted to have fun, to pay sufficient attention to the directing of the third part of the trio that forms the basis of the film.

Given that Jackman has played in some pretty crappy films, not the least of which would be “Australia”, I suspect it’s more of the former than the latter. Still, Allen and Johansson create a strong enough dynamic between them to carry the film.


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