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Волчонок Среди Людей (A wolf among people) – Talgat Temenov (1988)

Posted by dlandgren on 2009-03-17

The Forum des Images has an excellent programme of children’s cinema. I took the boys there this week-end to see Волчонок Среди Людей (Volchonok sredi lyudey), which I suppose should really be translated as a whelp among people, that being the correct term for a baby wolf (I had to look it up).

It’s the story of a boy who finds and adopts a baby wolf, after a hunter in his village kills its mother. The hunter and the boy find themselves in a tug of war over the animal, each wanting for their own reasons: the boy, for a companion, the hunter, for business.

It’s an interesting narrative that can be read at a number of levels. One thing I couldn’t help thinking, as I watched the barren, dusty landscape of Kazakhstan, was whether I was looking at the future, at what climate disruption will bring. It was a disquieting thought.

All in all, a great children’s film.


2 Responses to “Волчонок Среди Людей (A wolf among people) – Talgat Temenov (1988)”

  1. SB_Marie said

    Hello David,

    Long time no see hein?

    J’espère que la vie est belle pour toi. Quoi de neuf depuis ton départ de PacBoul?
    biz biz

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