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Twilight, chapter 1: Fascination, by Catherine Hardwicke

Posted by dlandgren on 2009-02-07

Who's for dinner tonight?

Who's for dinner tonight?

Elza has been nagging me for weeks to go and see this film. It’s the cinema adaptation of a story in four volumes, which she has read in its entirety and so she’s been looking forward to it.

We went and saw it together and even though it’s been released for a while the queue outside was huge. At first I thought everyone else was lining up for some Hollywood action blockbuster, I messed up on the screen number and we nearly went into the wrong film. So we went back to the other end of the hall only to discover that there weren’t any other theatres and people were in fact lining up to see Twilight. At that moment the doors opened and so, may I burn in hell, I gatecrashed the line with Elza and we landed two good seats up the front.

And I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I enjoyed the film. There’s a certain amount of suspension of disbelief required, such as the fact that a weirdo family that look like supporting cast for the Rocky Horror Picture Show, in a small American town comprised mainly of disposessed native Americans and lumberjacks would have absolutely no hassles at school and that the father is an upstanding member of the community serving as doctor at the local hospital.

The  muted blues, greys and greens of Washington State sets the tone of the film and while it was easy enough to figure out in advance where the story was going, it maintained sufficient momentum to let me watch it unfold without getting restless.


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