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Snow! It’s snowing!

Posted by dlandgren on 2009-02-02

Woke up this morning to find everything covered in white. It’s really quite rare for it to snow in Paris. The past couple of winters were snow free. I snapped some pictures with my telephone. The quality is about what one would expect, but it’s better than nothing. (Apart from that, the telephone is quite good at making and receiving calls).

It’s raining now. The day is here and the city is warming up. It will all be gone by tonight. Still, it was fun while it lasted. It rained most of the day. If only it had been colder, we’d’ve been rolling in the stuff.

In a particularly enjoyable episode of schadenfreude, it was fun watching some fat slob of businessman in a late model Jaguar get into trouble. He’d hit the juice, spin the back wheels, and the back of the car slewed dangerously towards the row of parked cars. Then he’d slam on the brakes, lock up the front wheels, and slide the front closer to the edge. The other cars on the road gave him a wide berth. At one point he was driving along at about 25 degrees off centre. He did this dance about three or four times until he managed to get past the traffic lights and then I lost sight. What a loser. None of the people zipping round in smaller cars appeared to be having difficulty.


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