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Rumba, by Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, Bruno Romy (2008)

Posted by dlandgren on 2008-10-18

The second film we saw in Brussels was a UFO, an Unidentified Filmed Object. It’s refreshing to know that there are still people out there who are writing films that are completely off the beaten track, and other people who have the courage to distribute them (MK2 in this case).

Fiona and Dom are teachers at a school. She teaches English, he teaches Physical Education. Outside school they attend dance competitions (do the Rumba) and win lots of prizes. And then, one day, everything changes. Their lives fall apart. It’s played as a comedy, but the two main actors are so endearing that I couldn’t bring myself to laugh. Tragedy upon disaster piles up on them, and yet they remain entirely oblivious to the fact that their world is crashing down around them. But in spite of everything that happens to them, against all odds, things work out in the end. Even if plus rien ne sera comme avant.

The film as gloriously coloured as a Jacques Demy film, choreographed like a Jacques Tati and is a delight to watch. Ok, so it isn’t strictly a Belgian film, more a Belgian-French coproduction, but close enough. Highly recommended. There aren’t enough films like this being made these days.

Not your regular ballroom dancing

Not your regular ballroom dancing


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