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Eldorado, by Bouli Lanners (2008)

Posted by dlandgren on 2008-10-18

Laure and I were in Brussels last weekend (worth a post in itself) and we took the opportunity to catch up on some films. So, when in Belgium, watch some Belgian films.

The first film was Eldorado, by Bouli Lanners. It was shown at Cannes earlier this year in the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs and received good reviews. It’s the story of a man who makes a meagre living dealing in old American cars, and comes home to find a burglary in progress. Rather than kicking (literally or not) the burglar out, a sort of friendship develops.



There are some very funny scenes, especially one that happens in a caravan. There’s also an interesting scene with a deck chair emblazoned with the name Alain Delon. It turns out that Bouli Lanners had a bit part in the film Asterix at the Olympic Games, and Delon was so disagreeable on the set that Lanners stole his chair. He puts it to good use in this film.

The film is short, only 85 minutes. It’s almost frustrating but the story is well told. The soundtrack is also very good… Jim Jarmusch springs to mind. There are only four pieces, of which two, I think, were composed for the film. It’s thus unlikely I’ll stumble across them which is a pity. The closing instrumental during the credits is particularly powerful.

It’s been nominated for the Oscars as Belgium’s entry for the Best Foreign Film award, so maybe it will get more screen time. It’s long since vanished from local screens, and we only managed to catch it at an Art et Essai at some odd time in the afternoon. Very much worth the effort to track down.


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