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Returning to Earth, Jim Harrison

Posted by dlandgren on 2008-09-30

(It occurs to me that I should use this blog to note the books I read, to remember later on. Maybe some pattern will come out of it).

So, Jim Harrison‘s latest book. I devoured all his books he had written ten years ago over the space of a year, and perhaps nothing else of his since. I found this book a bit more difficult to read than his previous works. It’s written in four voices, four chronologically sequential narratives to lay out the story. I certainly didn’t do it justice, picking it up from time to time rather than sitting down and reading it in one stretch (it’s not particularly long). And thus, in my disjointed reading, I kept getting confused by all the names and trying to remember who was related to who, and from what angle according to who was narrating.

I should probably reread it again to really make my mind up, but at the moment I think I still prefer Legends of the Fall, Dalva and The Woman Lit By Fireflies.


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